Industrial Software Platform
Woodlands Dairy (Pty) Ltd

Woodlands Dairy (Pty) Ltd

The solution at Woodlands Dairy based on Wonderware System Platform improves the production monitoring and control system, allowing them to achieve compliance with ISO 22000 standards.

  • Jan Barnard, Process Engineer, Woodlands Dairy

    The Wonderware technology and products have helped increase our level of knowledge and control to the degree that we can now think about improving our processes rather than just keeping up with them.

  • Goals

    • To create a redundant, reliable and flexible system using a single platform that will integrate all the disparate plants on site
  • Challenges

    • The system has to comply with ISO 22000 standards
    • The project must be completed without any interruptions to production
  • Results

    • Achieved compliance with ISO22000
    • Reduced engineering cost while improving quality control
    • Improved troubleshooting capabilities
    • Accurate reporting and standards in place for future use