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Orley Foods

Orley Foods

Needing to know the quantities of the costly materials that make up a batch of raw chocolate, Orley Foods selected Wonderware technology and the capabilities it offers to allow for accurate consumption and production monitoring per batch.

  • Henk de Villiers, Operations Manager

    We found that the Wonderware solution was best suited, as it had a proven track record in the food and beverage industry and was used in many local and international plants involved with food production.

  • Goals

    • Full product traceability
    • Seamless and transparent integration of manufacturing and business systems throughout the company
    • Trend and trace process issues in order to speed up trouble shooting while conforming to regulatory requirements
  • Challenges

    • Re-engineering of Orley Foods’ process control and information delivery infrastructure
    • The plant model would have to be designed to handle the entire plant and not just certain aspects of the chocolate production facility
  • Results

    • Consistent batch sizes
    • Raw material allocations tracked
    • Better process control tracking
    • Significant savings in fat usage
    • Standardization of batch processing times
    • Minimized batch/formulation corrections