Industrial Software Platform

The Venetian and Palazzo Resort Hotels and Casino

The world’s largest hotel and resort, known for award-winning sustainability practices, entrusts Wonderware software to provide a facilities and power management solution for real-time monitoring and maximized efficiency.

  • Jerry Jaggers, Senior Project Manager

    (The Wonderware solution) is a lifesaver. I can’t see not having it.

  • Goals

    • Provide uninterrupted power to the entire resort complex
    • Maximize the efficiency of widespread equipment and workforce
    • Enable flexibility and adaptability to accommodate rapid growth
  • Challenges

    • Biggest hotel and resort in the world covering 67 acres and 14 million square feet
    • 66 substations, 62 PLCs and staff are spread out over a large area
    • Any disruption of power can result in loss of clientele and revenue
  • Results

    • Power management and redundancy capabilities ensure uninterrupted power 24/7/365
    • Real-time monitoring enables proactive trouble shooting and fixes
    • Central monitoring of remote substations saves staff time, resulting in bottom line savings
    • Reporting and record-keeping capabilities support rapid planning for expansion
    • Wonderware solution supports green and sustainability goals