SimCentral is the Future of Process Simulation, Today

Simulation tools used by process engineers in the Oil & Gas, Refining, Utility and Chemical industries trace their origins to legacy architectures, operating systems and user interfaces. Global competition, pricing pressure and energy alternatives are now driving the need for a new approach. The next generation of workers also expects a modern, scalable and easy to use solutions with technology they now take for granted – high speed Internet access, mobile devices, touch screens and virtual reality.

SimCentral is the first commercially available platform designed to take advantage of developing web-based and cloud technologies while delivering a modern user experience that will allow your workforce to be more productive, creative, and inspired.

  • Unified Lifecycle Engineering
  • SimCentral is the first industrial simulation platform developed from the ground up to support steady state, fluid flow, and dynamic modeling in one environment for unified lifecycle support.

  • Agile Process Development
  • SimCentral changes the engineering workflow by promoting collaboration allowing users to work concurrently on the same model, across departments, regional time zones and between Engineering Procurement and Construction companies. SimCentral includes an model writing environment that allows to simulate custom and proprietary processes.

  • Entices the Next Generation
  • SimCentral embraces modern software architecture and interfaces to exceed the expectations of users to accelerate adoption, usage and time-to-value.




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