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Industrial Software Platform

Advanced Process Control for
Food & Beverage

In today’s economic environment, manufacturers are faced with reduced capital budgets and overhead, rising manufacturing and energy costs, and intense global competition. Comprehensive Advanced Process Control from Schneider Electric, helps manufacturers overcome complex challenges by using modern, state-of-the-art technology to provide automatic control systems that are capable of releasing process potential, to improve your yield and quality, and reduce specific energy consumption, to optimize manufacturing operations and make performance improvements to improve your bottom line.

APC Addresses these Challenges:

APC provides an integrated and holistic approach for production process optimization and pushes the process to maximize profit every minute. It aims to target the top four major concerns by the manufacturers:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Quality assurance
  • Throughput rates
  • Process stability

Achieve Peak Operating Performance:

APC helps manufacturers improve their economic performance, while honoring operating and equipment constraints, and shifting operations to more profitable conditions:

  • Maximize production rate and value
  • Minimize specific energy consumption per unit of product
  • Improve yield or recovery per unit of feed, while
  • Maintaining sustainable and safe operation

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