RefineryWise Suite - Addressing the need for Business Integration
RefineryWise Framework

RefineryWise™ Suite

Refineries are constantly challenged with sustaining and improving margins, and retaining operational knowledge due to changing market conditions/requirements and an aging workforce. Embarking on a journey of transformation based on refinery digitization is imperative for improved profitability and sustainability. Due to the complexity and traditions of refinery operations, refineries tend to use diverse software and technologies for each functional domain in their attempt to optimize both the plant operations and supply chain. This may result in poor coordination among operational silos, reducing efficiency and increasing operations costs. RefineryWise transforms operations management and business processes to drive consistent and proactive collaboration across functional domains to maximize operations margins and sustain performance.

RefineryWise combines an operations-focused Performance Management platform and an Application Integration layer with a best-in-class software portfolio to address these various aspects of refinery operations excellence:

  • Unified Supply Chain
  • Operations Management
  • Production Management
  • Asset Performance Management

RefineryWise has been shown to improve revenue by up to 5% and reduce operation costs by up to 10%.

Values of RefineryWise:

  • Maximize refinery profitability by unifying best-in-class applications for supply chain, operations, production and asset management on a single, operations-focused performance platform that breaks down operational silos and improves collaboration, operations intelligence and agility.
  • Optimize the entire value chain from actionable business insights with industry-leading applications in process optimization, unified planning and scheduling, asset performance management, offsites optimization and mobile workforce management.
  • Increase operational excellence through performance and asset benchmarking (including operating boundary thresholds) across the enterprise; a highly user-configurable platform for generating any KPI with arithmetic expressions.
  • Improve revenue by up to 5% and reduce operations costs by up to 10% with industry-proven performance platforms in merging IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operations Technology) for many major oil and gas companies.
  • Supported by experienced teams from Schneider Electric globally to ensure continuous and high quality support for customers to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and drive Operational Excellence.

Features of RefineryWise:

  • Solutions approach with continuous life cycle development rigor and global Customer FIRST Premium Support for sustaining higher business performance and lower total cost of ownership.
  • Application-driven information using industry-leading specialized applications trusted by refining leaders to constantly derive accurate business insights and optimize operations.
  • Automated data cleansing and transformation with advanced analytics for quickly establishing correct context and accelerating operational decisions.
  • Cross-domain collaboration console manages operational decision making to sustain best practices and operational knowledge.
  • RefineryWise Performance Manager

    RefineryWise Performance Manager provides a unified operations-focused performance management platform and comprehensive tools to monitor and manage performance in refineries.

  • Process Unit Optimization

    Unit Performance Suite is designed to reduce operating costs and improve operating performance by packaging closed-loop, real-time plant optimization with intuitive dashboards and workflows.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Spiral Suite Supply Chain Management optimizes supply chain operations by brining together feedstock data management, planning, scheduling and envelope optimization activities in a single, fully-integrated toolset.