• Industry Solutions Software Suites
    Industry Solutions simplify the transformation of data to wisdom.

    Industry Solutions Software Suites

    Industry Solutions Suites are turnkey offerings that address high value-add gaps in the Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Water/Wastewater, Power, Life Sciences, Infrastructure and Mining/Minerals/Metals markets. Easy to buy, simple to install, these offerings bring operations management, visibility, analytics, and big data within an industry-specific context.

    • Line Performance Suite for Packaging Line Management

      If you are a food processor, OEM, or CPG manufacturer, you know that packaging can contribute more than 20% to your waste. We have an answer: an integrated OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) solution that provides oversight, management and analytics for optimizing your packaging lines.

    • Predictive Performance Management Improves Reliability, Reduces Risk for Power/Power Generation

      Predictive Performance Management from Schneider Electric offers predictive maintenance for power generation plants, reducing operating costs and improving operating performance by shifting from a reactive/proactive to predictive mode. Gain improved reliability and risk management using a Condition-based approach to maintenance and use benchmarking to measure asset performance against design criteria and industry standards.

    • Answering Serialization Regulation Challenges in the Life Sciences Industry

      Serialization is fast becoming a necessity for the pharmaceuticals industry to ensure product identity in distribution, ward off counterfeiting/gray marketing, and reduce revenue, profit and brand equity loss due to subpar products. The Life Sciences Serialization Suite provides a turnkey solution to enable track, trace and serialization for a line, a site, or the enterprise.

    • Better Planning, Scheduling with Spiral Suite for Mining, Minerals & Metals

      SimSci Spiral Suite is the only mining supply chain management toolset designed from the ground up as a unified solution for planning and scheduling. The single, highly-intuitive application encourages cross-boundary collaboration, offering unprecedented transparency, robust data management and a consistent framework for planning and scheduling across all sites and functions.

    • RefineryWise Suite for Wise Operations Management

      RefineryWise Suite from Schneider Electric is a robust, scalable and easier-to-maintain system that improves operations and supply chain by imparting wisdom on the decision makers allowing better and more consistent decision making and analysis.

    • Operational Excellence with Unit Performance Suite for Oil & Gas

      Unit Performance Suite reduces operating costs and improves operating performance by packaging closed-loop, real-time plant information with measurement optimization. The foundation of the Unit Performance Suite is SimSci ROMeo, industry-proven optimization software that reduces operation costs and drive higher profitability for refineries around the world.

    • Achieving Optimization and Management of Water Networks

      The Water Network Optimization Solution provides water/wastewater utility customers with a complete telemetry solution. Based on Aquis, our advanced water network operation system, the solution provides features beyond the traditional real-time water network control. Lower your operation and maintenance risks and costs by identifying, controlling and managing planned and unplanned events even before they happen.