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Industrial Software Platform
  • Industry Solutions Software Suites
    Industry Solutions simplify the transformation of data to wisdom.

    Industry Solutions Software Suites

    Industry Solutions Suites are turnkey offerings that address high value-add gaps in the Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Water/Wastewater, Power, Life Sciences, Infrastructure and Mining/Minerals/Metals markets. Easy to buy, simple to install, these offerings bring operations management, visibility, analytics, and big data within an industry-specific context.

    • Line Performance Suite for Packaging Line Management

      If you are a food processor, OEM, or CPG manufacturer, you know that packaging can contribute more than 20% to your waste. We have an answer: an integrated OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) solution that provides oversight, management and analytics for optimizing your packaging lines.

    • Answering Serialization Regulation Challenges in the Life Sciences Industry

      Serialization is fast becoming a necessity for the pharmaceuticals industry to ensure product identity in distribution, ward off counterfeiting/gray marketing, and reduce revenue, profit and brand equity loss due to subpar products. The Life Sciences Serialization Suite provides a turnkey solution to enable track, trace and serialization for a line, a site, or the enterprise.

    • Better Planning, Scheduling with Spiral Suite for Mining, Minerals & Metals

      SimSci Spiral Suite is the only mining supply chain management toolset designed from the ground up as a unified solution for planning and scheduling. The single, highly-intuitive application encourages cross-boundary collaboration, offering unprecedented transparency, robust data management and a consistent framework for planning and scheduling across all sites and functions.

    • Refining Operations Management transforms refinery operations for improved profitability

      Refining Operations Management enables refineries to drive greater collaboration and operational efficiency by unifying market-leading applications on a single operations-focused platform, enabling better operations insights and uncovering business potentials across the value chain – from crude feed planning to final product blending.

    • Operational Excellence with Performance Manager for Oil & Gas and Power Industry

      Performance Manager improves operating profits by providing closed-loop enterprise-wide performance monitoring tools to optimize assets and operations. The improved visibility into contextualized, actionable data – from the operations layer to the enterprise business system layer - is key to unlocking business values from big data and analytics, resulting in improved asset utilization and optimized value chain.

    • Achieving Optimization and Management of Water Networks

      The Water Network Optimization Solution provides water/wastewater utility customers with a complete telemetry solution. Based on Aquis, our advanced water network operation system, the solution provides features beyond the traditional real-time water network control. Lower your operation and maintenance risks and costs by identifying, controlling and managing planned and unplanned events even before they happen.

    • Energy Performance for Manufacturing

      Energy Performance provides a rich set of visualizations tools to reduce energy consumption, optimize equipment utilization and improve electrical network reliability. Energy Performance empowers users to manage their energy costs with greater precision and accuracy, reducing operational costs and improving profits.

    • Ensure Labeling Compliance through Label Assurance

      Undeclared allergens in food product causes detrimental effect on consumers who react adversely. It also leads to costly regulatory non-compliance penalties and loss of market share as consumer trust erodes. Label Assurance by Schneider Electric performs 100% label inspection checks at the packaging line, helping food and beverage manufacturers avoid product recalls due to mislabeling and undeclared allergen. Simply put, Label Assurance ensures the right product is in the right packaging.