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Energy Performance for Manufacturing

As energy expenditures are one of the highest operating expenses in most manufacturing plants, reducing energy consumption can help companies not only reduce operational costs and sustain their competitiveness but also reduce their carbon footprint. Therefore, adopting an effective energy management system is imperative for improved profitability and sustainability.

Based on Schneider Electric’s world-class energy management solution, Energy Performance provides comprehensive visualization tools to reduce energy consumption, optimize equipment utilization and improve electrical network reliability. The platform enables energy data to be merged and synchronized with production events, turning raw data into actionable contextualized insights and uncovering energy efficiency improvement opportunities. In addition, the improved visibility into the equipment electrical performance and power network quality enable the maintenance teams to proactively identify root causes before a failure occurs, reducing unplanned downtime and protecting the plant assets from potential damage.

Energy Performance empowers users to manage energy comsumption with greater precision and accuracy, reducing operational costs and improving profits.

Benefits of Energy Performance:

  • Reduce energy costs through context-driven insights: Identify energy optimization opportunities through uncovering causal relationships between energy demand/consumption and production data
  • Comprehensive energy monitoring system: Enable energy data disaggregation through integrating production and energy data with full range of Schneider Electric’s Smart meters, optimizing energy consumption and reducing unplanned downtime through improved asset reliability
  • Self-configurable energy performance benchmarking: Support operational flexibility in response to changes in business environment and provide extensive set of reports and dashboards for analysis
  • Optimize Equipment Utilization: Extend equipment lifespan and reduce unplanned downtime due to power trips or harmonics
  • Improve Electrical Network Reliability: Monitor power network quality in real time, generating notifications and alerts for any abnormal power operations
  • Global Energy Management expertise: Support from experienced Schneider Electric teams globally ensures continuous and high-quality support. 

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