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Advanced Process Control for
Mining Minerals & Metals

In today’s economic environment, capital budgets and overhead are constantly being reduced. Companies are faced with rising operating costs, global competition, and soaring energy costs. Advanced Process Control for Mining, Minerals & Metals (APC for MMM) from Schneider Electric is engineered to improve yield, quality, production rates, process stability and reduce specific energy consumption to boost your bottom line.

APC for MMM Addresses these Challenges

APC for MMM enables the operation to function much closer to the operating limits by reducing variations in the process and then maximize value through optimization. The solution simultaneously target the top four major mineral processing concerns:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Recovery and grades or extraction ratio
  • Throughput rates
  • Process stability and Operation standardization

Achieve Peak Operating Performance

Mining companies can now achieve peak efficiency in the operations and processes with APC for MMM by optimizing the high value assets:

  • Maximize production rate and value
  • Improve yield or recovery per unit of feed
  • Minimize specific energy consumption per unit of product
  • Maintain sustainable and safe operation

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