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Enterprise Supply Chain Software for the Mining, Minerals and Metals Industries

SimSci Spiral Suite is a modern enterprise supply chain management solution for the Mining, Minerals and Metals (MMM) industries. Developed from the ground up, Spiral Suite is the first solution in the market to provide planning optimization through detailed scheduling in a single unified package, reaching across the pit-to-port supply chain. With a unified approach to planning and scheduling, the solution maximizes the value of collaboration, and establishes a well-governed management process across the enterprise.

Increase Planning Agility and Optimize Scheduling Management

Planning takes into account the mine materials, processing and supply chain capabilities, and together with costs and revenue, is able to produce an optimal plan to maximize overall profit. This optimized plan sets targets for detailed scheduling, so that scheduled operations are not limited by a narrow view of the supply chain, and will not sacrifice long term efficiency for short term gain. Instead, scheduling is driven by the macro concerns that drive overall business profitability.

With integration to live data and a rich array of configurable displays, the Scheduler allows you to quickly see how closely the schedule is being followed, and re-schedule where necessary to meet the plan. Correct product is now produced at the right time, at the right quality, to take advantage of spot sales over and above contracted sales.

With Spiral Suite, mining companies now have a ‘mine to port’ planning tool that guides the scheduling of each part of the supply chain to improve efficiency, to increase the profitability of the organization, and to stay ahead of the curve.

With Spiral Suite, mining companies can enjoy:

  • Minimized time to generate a plan and schedule
  • Minimized misalignments between planning, scheduling and execution
  • Integrated supply chain functions and planning horizons
  • Increased performance of the plan and schedule against stated KPIs
  • Increased ability to adapt to changing business rules and drivers
  • Minimized time to configure and deploy instances
  • Increased ability to understand the decisions leading to KPI adherence
  • Empowered strategic and operational forecasting

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Trading, Planning and Scheduling

Spiral delivers smart solutions to the Petroleum Industry, enabling enterprises to share data across trading, oil movements, planning, scheduling and operations.