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Oil and Gas Processing Solutions - Schneider Electric Software
Schneider Electric Software solutions help processing companies in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry address key challenges.

Upstream - Processing

Processing oil and gas depends on processing the hydrocarbon stream at the lowest possible cost and with the utmost efficiency. To achieve these goals, productivity, safety and reliability must be optimized simultaneously. Maximizing hydrocarbon streams while minimizing costs of capital requires three types of model-based tools:

  • Design, real-time optimization, and simulation & training tools
  • Advanced visualization, asset management, and predictive performance tools Integrated planning, scheduling and corporate reporting tools

Schneider Electric Addresses Key Challenges

  • Operations must stay on stream, be stable (a shutdown can cost more than optimization recovers) and be safe
  • Maximize efficiency of recovery of valuable hydrocarbon streams
  • Conformance to safety and environmental constraints
  • Get the most out of current assets, deferring capital expenses