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Predictive Performance Management

In today’s fast-paced utility industry, global power players are experiencing both transformation and constant change, facing challenges from multiple directions. The greatest threat to the growth and profitability of a power company is a siloed organization, resulting in performance gaps from isolated data, challenges in capturing and sharing tacit knowledge, and failure to respond quickly to a non-conformity event.

Predictive Performance Management focuses both on Operations (the process) and Predictive Asset Management (the equipment) to capture and analyze real-time data generated from the process, providing closed-loop tuning and management for higher asset performance and enhanced operations control.

The solution leverages Avantis® PRiSM, bringing predictive analytics functionality to provide early warning notifications and diagnosis of equipment issues. Coupled with a complete operations management system, Predictive Performance Management helps asset-intensive organizations reduce equipment downtime, increase reliability and improve performance while reducing operations and maintenance (O&M) expenditures.

Predictive Performance Management puts power generation companies in control of their plant performance, using process digitization to deliver the power of action and accountability to every stakeholder.

Benefits of Predictive Performance Management:

  • Transformation to an agile and smart plant
  • Continuous operational efficiency
  • Enhanced knowledge-based sharing across the organization
  • Maximized asset availability and performance
Tata Power

Featured Success Story

Tata Power Uses Avantis PRiSM Predictive Asset Analytics Software

Tata Power Uses Avantis PRiSM Predictive Asset Analytics Software to continuously monitor the health and performance of critical assets. Tata Power uses PRiSM for early warning notification of equipment problems.

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