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Renewable Power Generation Solutions - Schneider Electric Software
Schneider Electric Software solutions help renewable power generation companies in the Power Industry address key challenges.

Renewable Generation

Power generation companies that generate power from renewable sources like hydro, solar, wind, geothermal or bio-fuels do so while dealing with intermittent availability of the energy sources. They also face the challenges of minimizing the carbon footprint and holding down costs while observing regulatory requirements. Generating power more efficiently and reliably and moving it to the Smart Grid creates additional challenges for renewable power generators. Schneider Electric helps generators manage large, sometimes widely distributed generation pods or facilities in real time via its power fleet generation management solution. Schneider Electric also helps increase operational efficiencies through Advanced Process Control (APC) and train a new workforce through its operator training simulation solution.

Schneider Electric Addresses Key Challenges

  • Optimize fleet responsiveness to dynamic market demand
  • Speed new plant delivery via intelligent engineering and dynamics simulation
  • Enable “soft” migrations from aging systems
  • Optimize combustion and increase efficiency through APC and loop tuning
  • Control turbomachinery better and more safely
  • Manage assets more effectively
  • Enable knowledge transfer to a new workforce
  • Mitigate cyber security risks