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  • Software Solutions for Smart Cities - Schneider Electric Software
    Schneider Electric's Wonderware software helps cities transform their operations – to be smarter, more efficient, more sustainable and more livable.

    Smart Cities

    With the increasing majority of people living in cities, urbanization poses significant short- and long-term challenges to governments and municipalities. A Smart City shares its digital infrastructure and data to enhance livability, workability and sustainability. Wonderware software enables cities to access real-time, critical data to make better, faster and more efficient decisions for their communities. Schneider Electric is an Associate Partner of the Smart Cities Council and a Corporate Member of the New Cities Foundation.

    • Facilities Management

      Whether a single building or a large multi-building campus, city facilities require secure, efficient and reliable operations.

    • Data Centers

      The demand for computing power is growing at an astounding rate. Data centers are critical to meeting the demand.

    • Transportation

      Whether by road, rail, air or water, a smart city needs efficient, safe and reliable transportation to keep its community moving.

    • Water and Wastewater

      Life-sustaining clean water and sanitary wastewater treatment services are essential in any urban environment.

    • Substation Automation

      Power transmission and distribution require complex grids and substations to support the vast amounts of power consumed by cities.

    • Alternative Energy and Solar

      Clean energy is an important part of a smart city, where concentrated activity requires the consistent pursuit of sustainability.

  • Success Stories | View All

    9REN Group

    9REN Group is using Wonderware software to monitor and improve the performance of its renewable energy plant installations throughout Europe and the Mideast.

    AENA, Barcelona El Prat Airport

    Wonderware Software Facilitates a Decade of Integration and Growth for Unprecedented Spanish Airport Expansion


    Wonderware automation software solutions are used to manage the GeiserBox from Ambiensys for urban waste management processes which reduce waste volume by up to 80 percent.

    Carson City, Nevada - A Smart City success story

    Leveraging virtualization, iPads, and smart phones to increase the efficiency of its operators and management, the smart city solution at Carson City increases situational awareness and operational readiness.

    China Ministry of Railway - Wonderware System Platform

    Easyway Company Limited uses Wonderware software to implement a passenger station management system for the world’s longest high-speed rail network in China.

    China Ministry of Railways - Olympic

    Starting with a 100-mile line for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the China Ministry of Railways has chosen Wonderware software to expand the country’s national railway system.

    City of Bremen

    The City of Bremen standardizes on Wonderware software for centralized control of its many municipal properties. Benefits include decreased energy consumption and improved communications and reporting.

    City Of Toronto

    The Water and Wastewater Division of Toronto Works and Emergency Services implements an Avantis solution to substantially reduce operating costs and improve customer service.

    Eau de Paris

    Solution based on Wonderware InTouch Uses AutoCAD and Video to Ensure Water Distribution in Paris

    Echelon Corporation

    Echelon Corporation participates in local demand response programs and uses its own headquarters building to demonstrate its powerful building automation solutions which incorporate Wonderware software.

    Ecocity Valdespartera Zaragoza

    Wonderware software enables Valdespartera to become Spain’s first sustainable ‘smart city’ by remotely monitoring and managing its urban services infrastructure to ensure overall environmental compliance and efficiency.

    Elbe Tunnel

    An open, highly scalable Wonderware software solution enables the Elbe Tunnel in Hamburg, Germany to continually modernize its facilities management system quickly and cost effectively.

    Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya

    Wonderware helps Ferrocarrils achieve higher satisfaction levels from their users by helping them manage the FGC railway system via remote control of rail station operations including ticket sales, opening and closing of doors, lighting, etc.

    Global Water Management, LLC

    Solution based on Wonderware software gives an Arizona water company new operational efficiencies, including improved monitoring to meet compliance standards and trend-tracking capabilities.

    Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG

    Wonderware based solution automates the control of shipping container facility for Hamburger Hafen und Logistik at the Port of Hamburg, one of the world’s largest and busiest sea ports.

    Lassila and Tikanoja

    Wonderware solutions helped Lassila and Tikanoja reduce production downtime and inefficiencies dramatically by finding and eliminating limiting issues. Plant operating time improved by 20 percent approximately.

    Long Beach Water Department

    A comprehensive Wonderware solution helps a team manage information from the district's complex water system consisting of nearly 30,000 different data points at 85 major equipment sites.

    Museumsinsel Berlin

    Museumsinsel Berlin implements a solution based on Wonderware software to Manage its Facility Operations.

    Nanjing Rail

    Wonderware software has helped the Nanjing Metro add a new line that provides a comfortable and safe travel experience while saving energy and ensuring efficient future expansion.

    Norfolk Southern Railway

    The Wonderware solution at Norfolk Southern Railway has reduced the development time for the HMI by 40 to 50 percent. It has also increased the work efficiency of both the yardmasters and the trainmasters at the Buckeye trainyard.

    Ontario Clean Water Agency

    Wonderware software solution delivers OCWA increased efficiency and cost control. Scalability, standardization and additional reporting capabilities help provide higher service levels to customers while offering increased visibility.

    Philadelphia School District

    Philadelphia School District replaces its aging system with an Avantis asset performance solution to reduce operation costs and increase service levels.

    Pinellas County

    Wonderware information software solutions help Pinellas County Utilities provide safe, high-quality water and wastewater services to its customers.

    Port of Portland

    Port of Portland updates management system to an Avantis solution that allows port management to tie together operations that are diverse in type and geography.

    Portland General Electric

    Portland General Electric relies on Wonderware software solutions to help them supply electricity to their customers during peak hours and avoid skyrocketing wholesale prices.

    Puerto Rico Water and Sewage Authority

    Wonderware helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water operations with an effective security system, high-speed historical data collection and centralized system for 1500 sites throughout the island.

    Salt River Project

    Salt River Project (SRP) implements an effective alarm management solution from Schneider Electric at two of its Arizona generating stations, Navajo and Santan.

    Società Autostrada Ligure Toscana

    Adopting an industry-grade automation solution was the first step to the successful implementation of a project characterized by a large number of controls, and mostly, by the need to guarantee uninterrupted operation.

    Società Risorse Idriche Calabresi

    Società Risorse Idriche Calabresi is responsible for a far-reaching system that covers approx. 6,000 kilometers and is comprised of 200 aqueduct systems, 4 dams, 10 derivation crossbars, 14 wastewater plants, 300 lifting stations and almost 1,000 tanks.

    Spokane Water Department

    The Spokane Water Department grows with a new Wonderware SCADA solution while also enjoying ease of use, improved data collection and evaluation and scalability for the future.

    Stadtwerke Dusseldorf (Public Works)

    Wonderware software helps Dusseldorf Waterworks Reduce Costs, Optimize Control and Improve Reporting

    Tecnositaf S.p.A.

    Wonderware and Tecnositaf experience and technologies have been put together to ensure maximum safety for drivers along the A32 Torino-Bardonecchia motorway infrastructure.

    The Venetian and Palazzo Resort Hotels and Casino

    The world’s largest hotel and resort, known for award-winning sustainability practices, entrusts Wonderware software to provide a facilities and power management solution for real-time monitoring and maximized efficiency.


    UC/DALKIA created a solution based on Wonderware System Platform that supervises the chilled water production installation used to provide air conditioning for part of the prime Paris-La Défense business district.

    University Of Strasbourg

    Wonderware's best in class solutions help University of Strasbourg to centralize Facility Management Process and help then successfully manage operations at 140 buildings by accurately processing technical data in real-time for assessment.

    Vaasan Vesi, City of Vaasa, Finland

    City of Vaasa Gets Quick Upgrade to Higher Reliability and Functionality with Wonderware Solution

    Wuxi Transportation Tunnel System

    To relieve traffic in the city dubbed "Little Shanghai," Wuxi city officials decided to build a series of tunnels to connect its business center hubs.

    Yellow River Conservancy Commission

    Wonderware Products Help Water Commission for China’s Yellow River Reduce Engineering Time, Cost and Effort.