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Industrial Software Platform
  • Transportation Industry Solutions - Schneider Electric Software
    Road, rail, air and water transportation networks depend on Schneider Electric industrial software for safe, reliable, efficient operations and for regulatory compliance.

    Transportation Industry

    Road, rail, air and water transportation networks are complex. They must operate safely, reliably and efficiently and be regulatory compliant. Schneider Electric solutions are based on the advanced ArchestrA software architecture, making them open, easily integrated and highly scalable. They include applications for tracking real-time and historic data, managing passenger communications, and monitoring facilities, assets and functionality.

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    AENA, Barcelona El Prat Airport

    Wonderware Software Facilitates a Decade of Integration and Growth for Unprecedented Spanish Airport Expansion

    Bombela Concession Company

    Wonderware industrial automation applications unify the network of station management systems for the Gautrain commuter high-speed rail system in South Africa.

    Carson City, Nevada - A Smart City success story

    Leveraging virtualization, iPads, and smart phones to increase the efficiency of its operators and management, the smart city solution at Carson City increases situational awareness and operational readiness.

    China Ministry of Railway - Wonderware System Platform

    Easyway Company Limited uses Wonderware software to implement a passenger station management system for the world’s longest high-speed rail network in China.

    China Ministry of Railways - Olympic

    Starting with a 100-mile line for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the China Ministry of Railways has chosen Wonderware software to expand the country’s national railway system.

    Elbe Tunnel

    An open, highly scalable Wonderware software solution enables the Elbe Tunnel in Hamburg, Germany to continually modernize its facilities management system quickly and cost effectively.

    Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya

    Wonderware helps Ferrocarrils achieve higher satisfaction levels from their users by helping them manage the FGC railway system via remote control of rail station operations including ticket sales, opening and closing of doors, lighting, etc.

    Industrialesud S.p.A.

    Wonderware MES help increase the loyalty of the big customers Industrialesud S.p.A. because the automated system provides better safety in each process stage while maintaining compliance with manufacturing conditions.

    Magna Automotive

    The Wonderware System Platform solution at Magna Automotive increased productivity for the existing workforce with an increased equivalent to a head count redeployment of 8%.

    Nanjing Rail

    Wonderware software has helped the Nanjing Metro add a new line that provides a comfortable and safe travel experience while saving energy and ensuring efficient future expansion.

    Norfolk Southern Railway

    The Wonderware solution at Norfolk Southern Railway has reduced the development time for the HMI by 40 to 50 percent. It has also increased the work efficiency of both the yardmasters and the trainmasters at the Buckeye trainyard.

    Società Autostrada Ligure Toscana

    Adopting an industry-grade automation solution was the first step to the successful implementation of a project characterized by a large number of controls, and mostly, by the need to guarantee uninterrupted operation.

    Tecnositaf S.p.A.

    Wonderware and Tecnositaf experience and technologies have been put together to ensure maximum safety for drivers along the A32 Torino-Bardonecchia motorway infrastructure.

    Valmet Automotive

    Valmet Automotive implemented the Wonderware MES software solution to manage its manufacturing facility which makes products such as the Think City electric car.

    Wuxi Transportation Tunnel System

    To relieve traffic in the city dubbed "Little Shanghai," Wuxi city officials decided to build a series of tunnels to connect its business center hubs.