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  • Water and Wastewater Industry Solutions - Schneider Electric Software
    Water and Wastewater companies worldwide depend on Schneider Electric Software solutions for secure and reliable operations to manage operational performance and for regulatory compliance.

    Water and Wastewater Industry

    Schneider Electric offers products and services designed to help deliver secure and reliable operations, meet regulatory compliance, manage operation performance and control costs. This enables Wastewater and Water companies to provide an affordable service to customers while pursuing sustainability goals.

    • Drinking Water Distribution

      Ensuring reliable distribution of high quality drinking water at an affordable price is paramount.

    • Drinking Water Treatment

      Delivering reliable, affordable, high quality water and services in a secure and sustainable manner is key to drinking water systems.

    • River Flow Control

      It is vital to regulate water flow to deal with droughts and storms and guarantee access to water and protect life and property.

    • Wastewater Collection

      Reliability of service, avoiding sewage overflows and minimizing energy usage are typical challenges.

    • Water Network Optimization

      Allows for a more cost-effective demand management as water utilities can forecast supply without putting operational constraints on pipeline operations at the last hour.

    • Wastewater Treatment

      Providing a reliable, inexpensive service that produces high quality water that is safe to dispose or reclaim is essential.

    • Other Segments

      Industrial water and wastewater systems, desalination, district cooling and heating systems, irrigation applications, dam monitoring and more.

  • Success Stories | View All

    Cairns Water

    Cairns Water uses Wonderware software for the water and wastewater management as well as solid waste and recycling services for the 145,000 people in Cairns, Australia.

    City of Thunder Bay

    Wonderware SCADA Solution Provides Ease of Use, Quick Payback and Expansion for the City of Thunder Bay’s New Water Treatment Plant.

    City Of Toronto

    The Water and Wastewater Division of Toronto Works and Emergency Services implements an Avantis solution to substantially reduce operating costs and improve customer service.

    Eau de Paris

    Solution based on Wonderware InTouch Uses AutoCAD and Video to Ensure Water Distribution in Paris

    Global Water Management, LLC

    Solution based on Wonderware software gives an Arizona water company new operational efficiencies, including improved monitoring to meet compliance standards and trend-tracking capabilities.

    Kalundborg Forsyning

    With Aquis, Kalundborg Forsyning is able to run calculations based on real-time data of current situations rather than on static average daily consumption.

    Long Beach Water Department

    A comprehensive Wonderware solution helps a team manage information from the district's complex water system consisting of nearly 30,000 different data points at 85 major equipment sites.

    Measuring and Predicting Water Flows in Ølgod

    With Aquis, Ølgod is able to obtain detailed information about pressure, retention time and flow directions for its 150km of ring-connected network.

    Ontario Clean Water Agency

    Wonderware software solution delivers OCWA increased efficiency and cost control. Scalability, standardization and additional reporting capabilities help provide higher service levels to customers while offering increased visibility.

    Pima County

    Pima County reduces operating costs, increases efficiency and improves safety at wastewater reclamation facilities with implementation of Situational Awareness strategy using Wonderware automation solutions.

    Pinellas County

    Wonderware information software solutions help Pinellas County Utilities provide safe, high-quality water and wastewater services to its customers.

    Puerto Rico Water and Sewage Authority

    Wonderware helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water operations with an effective security system, high-speed historical data collection and centralized system for 1500 sites throughout the island.

    Società Risorse Idriche Calabresi

    Società Risorse Idriche Calabresi is responsible for a far-reaching system that covers approx. 6,000 kilometers and is comprised of 200 aqueduct systems, 4 dams, 10 derivation crossbars, 14 wastewater plants, 300 lifting stations and almost 1,000 tanks.

    Spokane Water Department

    The Spokane Water Department grows with a new Wonderware SCADA solution while also enjoying ease of use, improved data collection and evaluation and scalability for the future.

    Stadtwerke Dusseldorf (Public Works)

    Wonderware software helps Dusseldorf Waterworks Reduce Costs, Optimize Control and Improve Reporting


    With Wonderware industrial automation solutions, TekSolv improves oil/gas and water/wastewater site management processes, and reduces project deployment time to only minutes or hours instead of days.

    Vaasan Vesi, City of Vaasa, Finland

    City of Vaasa Gets Quick Upgrade to Higher Reliability and Functionality with Wonderware Solution

    VCS Denmark

    VCS Denmark implemented Aquis in 2004, modernizing their contingency planning and enabling dynamic pressure control of their water distribution network.


    WaterForce partnered with Schneider Electric to develop an industrial internet of things (IIoT) remote monitoring and control system in the cloud that allows farmers to operate irrigation pivots with greater agility, efficiency and sustainability.

    Yellow River Conservancy Commission

    Wonderware Products Help Water Commission for China’s Yellow River Reduce Engineering Time, Cost and Effort.