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Schneider Electric Launches Termis 7.0

  • Manage water networks with greater efficiency by taking into account fluctuations in demand and changing weather conditions, thereby optimizing water temperatures across a water network

  • Reduce energy wastage, costs and CO2 emissions with its advanced hydraulic model that calculates optimal supply temperatures

  • Termis Savings mobile app estimates possible cost savings

NEW ORLEANS, La. – Sept. 26, 2016 – Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, today announced general availability of Termis 7.0, an advanced software application to optimize cooling and heating systems used with water distribution network management.

One of the many challenges water network utilities must overcome are wasted energy costs that occur when daily consumption fluctuations are not taken into effect. Termis provides an integrated application to read real-time data from SCADA systems and weather forecast data, letting operators better predict future consumption. This valuable information significantly reduces supply temperature to the minimum required level, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Termis 7.0 reflects more than 30 years of development knowledge and experience, culminating in the most comprehensive set of functionalities and a richer feature set for energy management professionals Not only is Termis a dynamic approach to master planning and engineering design, it is highly suitable for system implementation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, retrofits and expansions planning.

A mobile app, available on Apple iOS or Google Android, evaluates possible cost savings from implementing Termis 7.0 to a district heating network. Input is based on easy to understand metrics, such as energy produced, average temperature and current energy costs.

Specific improvements now part of Termis 7.0 include:

  • Faster load and save time of model files
  • Faster master/operator communications
  • Introduction of an accumulator, as a stand-alone object
  • Enhanced find functionality
  • Display of control mode of heat plants, pumps and valves
  • Extended system log facilities

As a result, Termis 7.0 customers have the potential to:

  • Reduce energy loss – by only heating water to meet accurately forecast demand, resulting the potential to reduce energy costs by 10-15%
  • Lower energy consumption – through access to real-time intelligence about customer demand, current temperatures and future weather forecasts
  • Improve customer satisfaction – from reduced interruption times and faster information to citizens

Customers can purchase this software directly from Schneider Electric or through channel partners. However, only certified System Integrators are allowed to implement Termis projects. All System Integrators are required to pass the Partner Certification Program (PCP) for Termis.

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