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Become a Schneider Electric Ecosystem Partner
Join the Schneider Electric Partner Ecosystem, a diverse community that is one of the largest and most vibrant value-add networks in the Industrial Automation market today.

Become a Schneider Electric Ecosystem Partner

Join a Partner community that is setting the pace for creating innovation in product design, delivery and quality support. Our Partner programs and support initiatives are designed to increase the variety and value of applications developed and delivered by our Partners on the Schneider Electric software platform and to promote these solutions and the Partners that develop and deliver these solutions to customers worldwide.

The Ecosystem Community

Our Partner community is comprised of Technology Alliances, Distributors, Systems Integrators, Solution Providers and Machine Builders that together create one of the largest and most vibrant value-add networks in the Industrial Automation market today. This diverse community of experts is based on a shared interest in maximizing knowledge, and developing solutions and services that best serve our mutual customers. 

We provide a range of opportunities for Systems Integrators, Machine Builders, Solution Providers, Product Partners and Operations Management experts to participate in our Ecosystem.

Gain Credibility: Capitalize on the Schneider Electric Software brands which command recognition and respect in the global market place as the innovation market leader in real-time operations management software.

Stand Out in the Crowd: Market your technical expertise as a competitive differentiator to customers with our Wonderware Certification Program.

Strengthen and Extend Your Market Reach:  Position your company to drive more sales opportunities through collaboration with Schneider Electric and the Ecosystem community.

Protect Your Investments: Schneider Electric Partner Programs offers a platform for a collaborative relationship with  Schneider Electric and our Partner Community.

Explore our website or request more information about our Partner Ecosystem program.

  • Technology Partners

    • Strategic Technology AlliancePartners provide thought leadership on technologies that facilitate seamless business process integration. These alliances are driven by the pursuit of operational excellence
    • Software Technology Partners provide a variety of technology solutions integrated with our software and designed to drive productivity and efficiency for your business.

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  • Solutions Partners

    We work closely with our Industry Solution application partners, which include Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Machine builders. These Partners integrate their software applications with Schneider Electric equipment and software. Through shared processes and intellectual property, Schneider Electric works alongside our Partners to create solutions that lead the market in flexibility, interoperability and customer value.

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  • Delivery Partners

    Systems Integrators (SIs) are critical to the successful delivery and implementation of Schneider Electric technologies. As a member of this community, you will have access to a support portfolio that will train and certify employees to build the skills and expertise to design and deliver projects using the latest methodologies and tools. Schneider Electric recognizes that this community of fully-vetted SIs is key to the successful delivery of our technologies. Endorsed SI Partners are considered best-in-class in providing Schneider Electric customers with comprehensive complex solutions that increase customers’ operational efficiencies, reduce costs and maximize profits. Only those in the SI Partner Program who have demonstrated proven technical excellence, customer service and integrity are able to make the grade for consideration as an Endorsed SI Partner.  Specialist Solutions Provider Partners are differentiated by their focus on key industry sectors into key markets in the Asia Pacific Region. We maintain strong collaborative relationships with our premier Partners to ensure currency of project and industry skills to ensure successful project delivery.

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