Schneider Electric’s industrial software business and AVEVA have combined to create a new global leader in engineering and industrial software. For more details click here.
Industrial Software Platform
Technology Partners
Schneider Electric Technology Partners bring value to Schneider Electric and their customers by developing applications that extend the portfolio of our application solutions.

Technology Partners Working with Schneider Electric

With the ongoing convergence of business and operational information systems, competitive success depends upon implementing a measurable operations management strategy. As the leader in the automation and information space, Schneider Electric is committed to providing that critical, competitive advantage to customers. We do so in part by creating formal alliances with other key, top-flight technology vendors and partners who develop applications built on our software that extend the portfolio of application solutions available to customers world-wide. The result is a provision of the fullest range of state-of-the-art products and applications to meet critical manufacturing operational needs.

  • Strategic Technology Alliance Partners

    Schneider Electric has the experience to help develop strategic roadmaps for product development and deployment and the know-how to lead customers challenged with integration issues to a solution that will ensure their success. Our Alliance Partners provide the best, most innovative platform and technology development on the market, facilitating that seamless business process integration. 

    We offer our Strategic Alliance Partners competitive advantage through joint product development, shared intellectual property, cooperative event and campaign marketing expertise and execution, on-going training and employee development and shared go-to-market strategies for greater sales engagement. Together, Schneider Electric and its Strategic Alliance Partners provide technologies that span our customer’s Enterprise and Operations functions and result in measurable business results. Read More

  • Technology Product Partners

    Schneider Electric Software Partners who are members of the Product Partner Program undergo an extensive qualification process to ensure that they are able to priovide joint customers with the high-value solutions, implementation and on-going service Schneider Electric customers require. We support those Software Partners in meeting those requirements by providing access to beta programs, toolkits and the expertise of senior technical personnel to help ensure that they are able to deliver the most innovative, comprehensive solutions available on the market and provide unsurpassed value to our customers. Read More