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The Value of Strategic Technology Alliances
Schneider Electric Strategic Technology Alliances deliver cutting-edge technology solutions integrated with Schneider Electric software and platforms to customers worldwide.

The Value of Strategic Technology Alliances

With the ongoing convergence of business and operational information systems, competitive success depends upon implementing a measurable operations management strategy. As the leader in the automation and information space, Schneider Electric is committed to providing that critical, competitive advantage to our customers through formal alliances with other industry-leading hardware and software companies and global consultants. Alliances help to optimize selected technology and solutions integrated with Schneider Electric Software. The result is an extensive portfolio of products and services to meet the critical needs of our mutual customers.

  • The Value of Strategic Technology Alliances for Customers

    Schneider Electric has the experience to develop strategic roadmaps for product development and deployment and the know-how to lead customers challenged with integration issues to a solution that will ensure their success. Our Technology Alliance Partners provide the best, most innovative platform and technology developments on the market, facilitating that seamless business process integration.

    We offer our Alliance Partners a competitive differentiator through joint product development, shared intellectual property, co-operative event and campaign marketing expertise and execution, on-going training and employee development and shared go-to-market strategies for greater sales engagement. Together, Schneider Electric and its strategic Alliance Partners provide technologies that span our customer’s Enterprise and Operations functions and result in measurable business results.

  • Microsoft Technology Alliance

    The relationship with Microsoft began in 1987 with Wonderware developing the first industrial human-machine interface (HMI) based on the Microsoft Windows platform. In October 2003, Microsoft selected Wonderware to participate in an exclusive partnership alliance program structured around technology acceleration and joint go-to-market strategy. The three-year program was a tremendous success, exceeding target expectations by 20% and doubling Microsoft’s pull-through revenue. From the beginning, our company has remained dedicated to providing robust, easy-to-use industrial software based on Microsoft technology.

    This collaborative alliance continues to drive a new generation of  Schneider Electric solutions that provide manufacturers with real-time visibility into their plant environments and supply chains. Together, Microsoft and Schneider Electric have invested in resources to optimize the development of Schneider Electric applications, systems and solutions by building those systems utilizing Microsoft technologies. Microsoft and Schneider Electric field marketing and sales resources have also joined forces to deliver best-of-breed solutions to manufacturing customers in various industries, including Hydrocarbon Processing, Upstream Oil and Gas and Power.

    • Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2011 Award Winner

    For further information about the Microsoft and Schneider Electric software alliance go here.

  • Cisco Technology Alliance

    Every day, oil and gas pipeline operators and SCADA engineers face challenges such as increased cyber security threats, outdated legacy infrastructures, and reduced budgets – all of which have the power to threaten optimal performance and disrupt operations.

    To meet these challenges, Schneider Electric and Cisco joined forces to bring innovation to pipelines, oilfields, and processing facilities. Together they ensure an architectural approach to mitigate deployment risk, accelerate deployment of the solution, improve operational efficiencies as well as total cost of ownership (TCO), and facilitate rapid resolution of critical network issues.

    The Smart Connected Pipeline is an open, end-to-end solution for pipeline management that provides future-ready communication architectures for integrated, automated pipeline operations through the use of modern IT technologies.

    Solution Brief: The smart connected pipeline

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