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Industrial Software Platform
Partner Products
Partner products have been rigorously tested and validated to run with our software products and to ensure the provision of quality solutions to the industrial automation market.

Technology Product Partners

At Schneider Electric, we believe interdependence and collaboration are critical to providing customers access to the most innovative and reliable products and solutions available in the market. Together, with our Product Partners, we develop, market and service pioneering, real-time production solutions that accelerate time-to-market, improve Return On Investment and enhance the customer experience. The concept is simple - working with our Product Partners means more innovation, more choice, more quality and more satisfied customers.

Technology companies who are members of the Partner Product Program provide customers with high-value industrial automation software solutions, implementation and on-going service. All products must go through an extensive product qualification and validation prociess before the product is accepted into the Partner Product Program.  

We support our Product Partners by providing access to beta programs, toolkits and the expertise of senior technical personnel. This helps ensure that they deliver the most innovative, comprehensive solutions available on the market and provide unsurpassed value to Schneider Electric customers.  

The Technology Product Partner ecosystem thrives because, through these companies, we are able to offer customers the breadth of application and solution choices tailored to a customer’s needs and delivered in collaboration with a global network of Delivery and Solutions Partners. 

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  • Application Solutions Expertise

    Visibility into real-time enterprise data is the foundation for building operational excellence. Schneider Electric Software delivers performance management tools that help customers identify, analyze and act upon the real-time information. That information enables them to overcome a range of challenges including reducing resource costs, enabling just-in-time ordering, increasing consistency and enhancing compliance.

  • Product Portfolio = Quality and Choice

    In addition to providing our own software offerings, Schneider Electric collaborates with an extensive global network of Product Partners and other industry-leading developers and vendors to offer the broadest spectrum of relevant software solutions. These solutions are tailored to maximize a company's operational success. Ecosystem Partners who have validated Endorsed Products are testimony to the quality of the solutions delivered. All Endorsed Products having gone through a rigorous quality assurance and testing process to have their products branded as Endorsed by Schneider Electric.

  • Quality Control and Support = High Value Solutions

    Schneider Electric Software Partners undergo an extensive qualification process to ensure that they are able to provide joint customers with the high-value solutions, implementation and on-going service Schneider Electric customers require. We support those partners in meeting these requirements by providing access to beta programs, toolkits and providing access to the expertise of senior technical personnel to ensure that they are able to deliver the most innovative, comprehensive solutions on the market. The result is providing unsurpassed value for our customers.