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Ampla - Mining Operations Management

Ampla Mining Operations Management offers a transformative approach to operational excellence by optimizing the entire mining supply chain and maximizing the utilization of all operating assets.

Ampla’s mining specific functionality supports deployment throughout mine operations from extraction, smelters and furnaces and onto storage and transportation for end to end production accounting and inventory management in near real time.

The software enables value chain visibility and optimization by collecting data automatically from multiple mining plant and business systems or through manual data entry, and establishes a single trusted source of information  which can be collaborative used to drive efficiency, reduce cost and make better business decisions.

Ampla’s digitization and integration strengths extend across continuous process driven manufacturing and bulk materials handling in mining, minerals and metals industries.

Whatever your role the benefits are clear!

  • Reduce production cost and maximize profitability with real-time information of production processes and an accurate picture of inventory at any given moment, and at any point of the value chain.
  • Optimize material movements, increase productivity and secure customer satisfaction by tracking your inventory quantities and qualities across the entire value chain in near real time.
  • Empower effective decision-making with instantaneous feedback based on KPIs such as real-time OEE, asset utilization, process quality and yield, operational performance and energy consumption.
  • Prioritize maintenance and proactively schedule downtime periods based on equipment performance.
  • Drive continuous improvement to further reduce energy usage and operating costs while maximizing performance with advanced analytics of reliable and contextualized data.
MMG Limited

Featured Success Story

MMG Limited

MMG Limited implemented Schneider Electric’s Ampla MES solution to standardize asset utilization across five (5) mines globally and take the old OEE lag indicator into a real-time lead indicator.

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Ampla Performance

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