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Aquis Water Management Software

80% of your capital is invested in the distribution network. Aquis puts you in control.

Without intelligence about operational performance, network status, and customer demand, water utilities face the challenge of reacting swiftly to any change in these conditions. Aquis can help you confront those challenges in a proactive approach: See what happens before it happens.

Aquis is a operation system that expands your water distribution network SCADA capabilities. Aquis forecasts the behavior of the distribution network and anticipates the impact of planned and unplanned events before they happen. By using real time data, Aquis takes takes into consideration the everchanging condition of the network, so your actions are always based on the most updated situation.

In doing this, Aquis enables water distribution network operators and managers to make better and smarter decisions faster, reduce the risk and cost of operation and maintenance activities.

Aquis reduces operation and energy costs associated with water distribution activities by providing operators with information about the impact of planned and unplanned events, even before they happen, through real-time network behavior forecasting capabilities. 

Measurable results 

  • Up to 15% reduction in non-revenue water (NRW)
  • Up to 20% reduction in energy costs
  • Up to 20% reduction of CO2 


  • Better overview and improved operations of the network.
  • Reduces operation & maintenance risks and costs. Predict the network behavior and see what will happen before it occurs.
  • Reduces energy use and cost while ensuring a high level of service.
  • Critical event response: Identify the impact of unexpected events and act on them in minutes.
  • Improves service and planning. Plan ahead, save time and money.
  • Builds on your existing data and IT. Gives existing software systems (SCADA, GIS, hydraulic models, etc.) new functionalities.
  • Easy to use: No in-depth hydraulic knowledge needed


  • Pump and reservoir optimization to reduce energy cost and use.
  • What-if scenarios to see operation & maintenance impacts in real time, making it easier to choose the best option for a smooth and reduced risk operation.
  • Water quality monitoring and early warning on pollution/bad quality cases to reduce health-threatening events.
  • Augmented reality: Reaches where SCADA does not get with virtual sensors and network wide monitoring.
  • Integration with Schneider Electric and third party SCADA systems
Kalundborg Forsyning

Featured Success Story

Aquis Software Provides Optimized Knowledge Sharing and Improved Customer Service

With Aquis, Kalundborg Forsyning is able to run calculations based on real-time data of current situations rather than on static average daily consumption.

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Water Network Optimization

Water Network Optimization Suite

Water Network Optimization suite provides an improved control room user experience with visualization of contextualized operational data and enhanced alert management within a SCADA operator-friendly environment, without having to switch between applications.

Aquis Facilities Day to Day Operations

Aquis extends the utility operator’s overview of the distribution network beyond the waterworks - all the way to the consumer, with an intuitive user-interface whereby complex information becomes the basis for daily decision making by operating staff.

Aquis Leak Detection Module

Aquis Leak Detection enables the operator to define leakage alarm thresholds, which when exceeded will automatically invoke alarms – both at the operator’s console and via e-mail or text messages to standby maintenance staff or contractors.

Pump and Reservoir Optimization Module

Aquis Pump and Reservoir Optimization Module

Aquis Pump and Reservoir Optimization module enables operators to define the optimal pumping schedule for a pipeline system for a given period of time while taking into account demand schedules, reservoirs storage capacities, power costs and availability of pumps and other equipment.

Pressure Optimization Module

Aquis Pressure Optimization Module

The Aquis Pressure Optimization module takes into account the fluctuation of consumption in the network and automatically provides the setpoints for the pumps or pressure control valves ensuring a consistent supply pressure. It can reduce leakage loss by 10%-15% and the associated cost of production and chemical treatment.

Water Quality Module

Aquis Water Quality Module

The Aquis Water Quality Module provides a full overview of the chemical composition in every part of the water network in order to preserve the right water quality. Operators can follow and track the water throughout the network and be informed about the composition at every node.

VCS Denmark

VCS Denmark

VCS Denmark implemented Aquis in 2004, modernizing their contingency planning and enabling dynamic pressure control of their water distribution network.


Kalundborg Forsyning

With Aquis, Kalundborg Forsyning is able to run calculations based on real-time data of current situations rather than on static average daily consumption.