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While most systems are capable of capturing vast amounts of data, Avantis.DSS provides the tools and resources for extracting useable value from the information. Avantis.DSS is a scorecard, key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard and reporting tool built on years of experience in maintenance and materials management best practices. Avantis.DSS enables the tracking of past activities and real-time information and offers the ability to make informed decisions using pre-configured key performance indicators in a customizable environment.

Key Benefits

  • Enables manufacturing and executive decision-makers with key role-based asset management analytics, leveraging the power and ease of use of Wonderware Intelligence
  • Easy access to one or more data sources giving analytics additional context
  • Delivered with pre-packaged key performance measures to get up and running quickly
  • Ability to tailor the dashboard views to meet specific user requirements thereby increasing adoption

Key Capabilities

  • Pre-configured key performance indicators based on best practices in maintenance and materials management
  • Visualize key performance measures such as mean time between failures (MTBF), Bad Actors, inventory analysis, etcetera
  • Flexible real-time information collection and analysis with the ability to customize
  • Easy to create consolidated reports and site comparisons for enterprise level analysis
CF Industries

Featured Success Story

Avantis Maintenance Management Solution pays off for CF Industrial Fertilizer Plant

CF Industries, one of North America’s largest agricultural fertilizer producers, upgrades existing IBM software to an Avantis solution providing growth and costs savings.

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