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Industrial Software Platform

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Services

Schneider Electric operates a Monitoring & Diagnostics Services Center (MDSC) for remotely monitoring customer’s industrial assets as a service. As part of this service, our engineers use predictive analytics technology to perform the monitoring, provide early warning alerts and provide diagnostic guidance to our customers. This service enables organizations to improve equipment reliability and performance, and reduce maintenance costs, capital expenditures and total cost of ownership.

Comprehensive services for all asset types

Faced with data overload, customers seek assistance in maximizing limited resources, interpreting data and formulating responses to situations uncovered by advanced analytics. Schneider Electric offers expert services to supplement our customer’s often stretched resources. The MDSC services include:

  • Installation, integration, testing and user training
  • Single unit to fleet-wide analysis
  • Project start-up and model building
  • Monitor machine performance and operating conditions
  • Early detection, notification and resolution support
  • Record events, failures, damage and provide periodic reports

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