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ClearSCADA is an open, flexible and scalable software solution for telemetry and remote Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications, designed to optimize the operation and management of geographically dispersed infrastructure.

Utilizing alarming and graphical interface functions, ClearSCADA transforms disparate field data into actionable business information, helping to mitigate risk and improve operational efficiency.

Customers gain unprecedented insight across their entire asset base, with intuitive location-based alarming and filtering, overlaid with real-time weather data and GPS mapping delivering a new era of control for geographically dispersed infrastructure.

Extend Operational Value

ClearSCADA helps extend operational value with native connectivity to a range of Wonderware applications. Seamless connection to Wonderware Alarm Adviser enhances operational performance and reliability with greater insight into alarm data, improving operator awareness and efficiency by reducing the potential for unscheduled downtime.

ClearSCADA - the go-to SCADA product for remote & telemetry markets

  • Highly optimized to manage remote assets in critical infrastructures
  • Integrated, scalable SCADA with ready-to-use telemetry features
  • Open platform for easy connection to business & IT systems

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