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Industrial Software Platform
Process Design Software
PRO/II, part of the Schneider Electric Process Engineering Suite (PES), is the general purpose process design tool from SimSci.

Process Design

Process design tools allow engineers to consider important design implications such as regulatory compliance, profitability and safety, while weighing standard design practices. Simulations use accurate thermodynamic methods, physical property data, component information and rigorous equipment models to create superior designs.

Engineers can then use this design to continually evaluate and improve processes with respect to their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility, thus reducing overall risk and capital costs.

  • SimCentral


    SimCentral is the innovative, integrated simulation platform covering the entire plant engineering life cycle of design, simulation & training, and optimization. It refreshes the technology through increased ease of use, customization, collaboration, accessibility and reduced total cost of ownership.

  • SimSci Process Engineering Suite

    SimSci Process Engineering Suite

    SimSci Process Engineering Suite (PES) is a set of process design software tools including: DATACON, HEXTRAN, INPLANT, PRO/II and VISUAL FLARE.

  • SimSci PRO/II

    SimSci PRO/II

    PRO/II steady-state simulation optimizes plant performance by improving process design and operational analysis and performing engineering studies.



    VISUAL FLARE designs, rates and analyzes oil and gas flare networks using Design Institute for Emergency Relief System (DIERS) and Health Safety and Environment (HSE) compliant methods.

  • SimSci Spiral CrudeSuite Integration with PRO/II

    SimSci Spiral CrudeSuite Integration with PRO/II

    Spiral CrudeSuite integration with SimSci PRO/II enables refiners to evaluate potential feedstock using accurate models and judge the impact of that feedstock on their processes.

  • SimSci HEXTRAN - Heat Exchangers

    SimSci HEXTRAN - Heat Exchangers

    HEXTRAN software enables the design and rating of heat exchangers and heat exchanger networks.

  • SimSci Upstream Optimization Suite

    SimSci Upstream Optimization Suite

    SimSci Upstream Optimization Suite (UOS) is software geared towards process engineering, design and optimization for upstream processes.



    PIPEPHASE provides a steady-state, multiphase fluid flow simulation solution for rigorous modeling of gathering networks and pipeline systems.

  • SimSci SIM4ME Portal

    SimSci SIM4ME Portal

    The SIM4ME Portal integrates SimSci software with Microsoft Excel, extending the Return on Investment (ROI) with additional functionality.

  • SimSci DYNSIM

    SimSci DYNSIM

    DYNSIM is dynamic process simulation software enabling process design, operational analysis, control check and Operator Training Simulation (OTS).

  • SimSci Academic Program

    SimSci Academic Program

    The SimSci and Wonderware Academic Program provides Universities with low-cost software that enables graduating engineers to build competencies required in their industrial careers.