Industrial Software Platform
SimSci provides simulation tools for every stage of the plant lifecycle.

SimSci Academic Program

Are your engineering graduates prepared for their careers? Are they using the same tools in college that they will in the real world? The SimSci academic program provides Universities with professional software at a reduced cost that enables students to build the competencies required in their industrial careers. SimSci software enables optimal design and operation of process industry plants.

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Affordable Academic Prices for Professional Grade Software

Whether it is conceptual design, detailed engineering, real time optimization, or operator training, many of the largest companies have chosen our industry leading software as a standard part of their work processes. This is because SimSci software solutions enable these companies to maximize the return from their plants. Students not only deserve to learn on the same professional tools that they will use in their careers - it is academia’s responsibility to those students, and SimSci is here to help.

Don't just take our word for it - this is what our Academic Customers say about us: Using SimSci Software to Enrich the Academic Experience.

    • Program Features

      • Affordable license fees
      • Technical support for all products
      • Multi-year contracts
      • Teaching modules, training videos and examples
      • Electronic download and delivery of software
      • Access to an online repository of knowledge and information
    • Experience

      We work with

      • 24 of the top 25 petroleum companies
      • 49 of the top 50 chemical companies
      • All of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies

      We help produce:

      • 24% of the world’s chemicals
      • 64% of the world’s Liquid Natural Gas
      • 20% of the world’s electricity generation
      • 17% of the world’s refined products