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SimSci Solutions for Mining, Minerals and Metals

The Mining, Minerals & Metals industry is currently operating in a volatile environment of low commodity prices, rising energy costs, and heightened global competitiveness. A comprehensive strategy scopes and delivers a programmatic approach to Operational Excellence with an optimized performance solution to drive its initiatives, and demonstrated benefits through visualization. This can help the industry achieve more efficient and flexible production, reduce operating costs, and promote a greener global economy. This will not only provide immediate savings today but will help drive operational excellence well into the future.

Dynamic Simulation, Process Control and Operator Training Makes a Difference

Using SimSci Advanced Process Control and Operator Training Simulators, Codelco Chile saved $2,900,000+ in project costs. They were also able to start production six days early.

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SimSci Design

SimSci process design tools are used to efficiently design a process by considering alternate configurations and equipment along with different design options to produce the most effective design.


SimSci Operate

SimSci simulation and training tools provide in-depth process understanding through accurate simulation models of the plant to aid in process analysis and operator training.


SimSci Optimize

SimSci optimization solutions provide a complete solution to optimize and control processes with real-time information from the plant floor combined with updated economic parameters.

SimSci Spiral - Schneider Electric Software

SimSci Spiral

Spiral Software enables clients to make the best choices for sourcing and refining crudes based on crude quality and market prices, and subject to economical, capacity and logistical constraints.