SimSci Online: Simulation Software Anywhere, Anytime

Businesses are increasingly burdened to deploy and manage multiple versions of software applications in today’s high-demand environments. Schneider Electric’s SimSci Online provides access to the same high-quality simulation software as its on-premise solution, with the simple requirement of an internet connection. SimSci Online allows for improved organizational efficiency, sustainability and connectivity at an attractive price point. SimSci Online charges for time used, which can be attractive for smaller companies that might not need constant access or need flexible pricing. Visit the SimSci Online website.

SimSci Online Benefits

  • Increased Accessibility: Accessible anywhere and anytime with an Internet connection
  • Enhanced Availability: No system maintenance requirements from the client side and highly scalable to allow for additional users on demand
  • Lower Cost of Ownership: Eliminate IT maintenance overhead to ensure that the latest version is always available for company and project needs

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