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Industrial Software Platform
DYNSIM, part of the Dynamic Simulation Suite (DSS), is the dynamic simulation base for SimSci Simulation and Training.

Simulation and Training

Operator Training Simulators (OTS) allow operators to train on a computer in an identical environment to the control room. Simulation and training tools provide in-depth process understanding through accurate simulation models of the plant that aid in process analysis and operator training. This provides safe and efficient operations that benefit the plant, the workers, the surrounding community and the overall profitability of the company.

This operational insight and automation drives employee productivity and efficiency, minimizes the impact of risk, and maximizes performance.

  • SimSci EYESIM

    SimSci EYESIM

    Connects operators and plant personnel with a high-fidelity 3 dimensional process simulation and virtual walkthrough plant environment.

  • SimSci Dynamic Simulation Suite

    SimSci Dynamic Simulation Suite

    DSS provides rigorous dynamic simulation, control system emulation for engineering studies and validation of control system design.

  • SimSci DYNSIM

    SimSci DYNSIM

    DYNSIM is rigorous dynamic simulation that assists in process design, controls checkout and control system design.

  • SimSci DYNSIM Checkout

    SimSci DYNSIM Checkout

    DYNSIM Checkout validates control system design before it is installed in the plant, eliminating many problems during startup.

  • SimSci DYNSIM Power

    SimSci DYNSIM Power

    DYNSIM Power is an advanced, unified power plant modeling simulation used throughout the life of a power plant by creating dynamic simulation models.

  • SimSci Logic Validator

    SimSci Logic Validator

    An automated test harness aimed at automating safety logic validation of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) per ISA-S84.

  • SimSci Operator Training Simulators

    SimSci Operator Training Simulators

    Advanced computer-based training to help give operators the skills they need to run a process or plant.

  • SimSci SCP

    SimSci SCP

    SimSci SCP is for the “Virtual Simulation” of Foxboro Control Processors CP270 and CP280 for designing and troubleshooting.

  • SimSci TRISIM Plus

    SimSci TRISIM Plus

    SimSci TRISIM Plus is a “Virtual Simulation” of Triconex Trident and Tricon controllers and TRI-GP that provides a reduced time to commission and improved startup.

  • Schneider Electric Pipeline Trainer

    Schneider Electric Pipeline Trainer

    Pipeline Trainer brings together a suite of applications focused on making sure that the pipeline controller has the required qualifications to manage the expensive pipeline assets they have been designated to operate.