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SimSci EYESIM is a 3-dimensional engineering tool that uses Virtual Reality (VR) and/or Augmented Reality (AR) to connect control room operators, maintenance, and field personnel in a single realistic learning environment. This 3D environment is connected to a high-fidelity dynamic simulation (SimSci DYNSIM) and provides VR/AR functionality for the purposes of:

  • Equipment understanding
  • Hazop design evaluation
  • Operator training (OTS): Procedure training, Safety scenarios, Crew training
  • Maintenance planning and execution
  • Real-time enterprise asset management

SimSci EYESIM supports the capture and knowledge transfer of best practices, increasing efficiency and reducing costly errors or maintenance.

Featured Success Story

Kuwait Oil Company Provides Smart Training through Immersive Virtual Reality Environment

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) captures the inherent value in the knowledge base of its workforce, and integrates it into a comprehensive training program through the SimSci immersive virtual reality environment.

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