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SimSci ROMeo Online Performance Suite (OPS)

ROMeo Online Performance Suite (OPS) provides numerous performance-enhancing solutions based on ROMeo’s real-time optimization capabilities. ROMeo’s online rigorous modeling provides the ability to view what is happening at the plant now and make appropriate and timely business decisions. This is critical for optimal operation and allows customers to remain competitive in changing economic times.

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SimSci ROMeo Material Balance Module

SimSci ROMeo Material Balance Module (MBM)

The ROMeo Material Balance Module (MBM) provides mass and volume reconciliation, converting real-time process data into reliable information.

SimSci ROMeo Process Optimization - Schneider Electric Software

SimSci ROMeo Process Optimization

ROMeo Process Optimization provides real-time optimization for the refining, petrochemical and gas processing industries.

SimSci ROMeo Reactor Models - Schneider Electric Software

SimSci ROMeo Reactor Models

ROMeo Reactor Models is a plant-wide optimization solution, delivering increased refining profits by optimizing refining process units.

Off-Sites Management Solutions - Schneider Electric Software

Off-sites Management

Manage your refinery Off-sites, Terminal and Industrial Tank Farm with SimSci Off-sites solutions.

SimSci LPVector - Schneider Electric Software

SimSci LPVector

The LP Yield Vector capability of ROMeo provides a feature for passing base and delta yield vector data from ROMeo to linear planning models commonly used in refining.