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SimSci Webinar Series
The SimSci Webinars provides an opportunity for customers & prospects to view free webinars on the value that our software provides.

SimSci Webinar Series

Join us for a recording of one of our webinars detailing industrial applications and the value of our Process Simulation software for Process Design, Simulation & Training and Process Optimization. Be sure to check back monthly because we will be adding new recording about every month.

  • Preparing for the Great Crew Change with Simulation and Training Solutions

    The large age gap between seasoned, experienced employees and the workforce just entering the industry can have an impact on safety, availability and profitability. Transferring this knowledge and embracing new ways of learning requires a solution laced with modern technology. Learn how you can leverage simulation solutions to increase the productivity of every crew member and potentially your entire process with:

    • Front End Engineering Design
    • Pre-commissioning
    • Operator Training Simulation
    • Plant Crew Training
    • Company-wide Training
  • Achieve Operational Excellence Using Dynamic Simulation for Steam Shedding Studies

    The goal of any steam network is to ensure that steam can be provided to all consumer facilities safely, efficiently and without interruption. However, after a steady-state simulation is used to design a steam network, dynamic simulation can be used to evaluate the “as designed” process and control strategy to maximize the likelihood that it can provide stable and uninterrupted operation.

    • Relief valve size & safety validation
    • Control system validation
    • Testing/Tuning of feed forward controllers
    • Sensitivity on design boiler rating
    • Determination of amount of steam to shed and which unit
    • Determination of the duration of steam shedding
  • Using Simulation Software to Achieve Operational Excellence

    The pursuit of efficient, effective, and reliable operations to achieve optimal profitability for a process is part of a well-defined business strategy. Simulation software is just one of the tools that you can use to obtain the process clarity needed to promote operational excellence. Simulation software allows you to evaluate the current process and optimize that processes and its people. Focusing on operational excellence maximizes profitability through lower operating and energy costs, optimized process conditions, and improved employee productivity. It empowers operators, engineers, and managers to perpetually seek for, and drive, process improvements while minimizing risk.

  • Model-Based Approaches to Achieve Operational Excellence in Natural Gas Processing

    Adoption of a model-based culture has great potential to improve the performance of Natural Gas Processing operations. Throughout the entire plant lifecycle, from master planning and feasibility studies to design, start-up, operation and debottlenecking, process and economic models can be used to improve profitability for the various business scenarios encountered. This webinar will provide a glimpse of the many opportunities available for Natural Gas Processors to incorporate a model based culture to achieve operational excellence with greater agility.

  • Offline & Online Olefin Process Benefits using ROMeo Non-Linear Equation-based Modeling

    This webinar highlights the opportunities and challenges Olefins crackers are faced with when employing different feeds to push plant profitability. Do the engineers and business planners have adequate and accurate predictive tools to make the right choices? Using equation-based modeling can provide insight into unit feed and operational decisions quicker and more robustly than legacy sequential-based modeling tools. The benefits from using ROMeo (Rigorous Online Modeling with equation-based optimization) extends beyond proven Real-Time Optimization (RTO) applications.

  • Ensuring Operator Effectiveness through Operator Training Simulators

    As operators and personnel switch jobs and/or migrate between various operations, technology holds the key to engaging the next generation of operators. Simulation & Training solutions from SimSci enable continuous sustainment of simulation and training for your assets and operators. This provides:

    • Improved plant safety & operational excellence
    • Reduced capital expenditure
    • Faster commissioning
    • Increased profitability
  • PRO/II 10.0 New Features

    Learn about the benefits of upgrading to PRO/II 10.0. Note that this version supports Microsoft’s most recent operating system and Microsoft Office. There are several performance improvements such as tolerances, GUI stability and updates to improve user experience. It includes thermodynamic updates for extended critical phase designation and new databanks to improve accuracy. In addition, there are unit operation updates that include a new combustor unit op, updates to pumps, compressors and columns.