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Termis District Energy Optimization Software

Termis District Energy Optimization Software reduces the energy costs and amounts of energy used by a utility to provide the appropriate cooling / heating service; minimizes heat losses; and streamlines the network operation.

Termis receives live data from the SCADA system as well as forecast information about weather conditions through the data interface. This enables Termis to continuously predict future consumption even during periods of quickly changing or extreme weather conditions.

Based on these data, Termis runs a simulation for the entire network, allowing the operator to see exactly how his district heating distribution network is operating – right now – AND up to 3 days from now. The operator can choose to display a number of different variables, such as supply temperature, return temperature, pressure, flow etc. 


Termis gives the operator a number of immediate benefits in terms of better overview and improved operation of the cooling or heating network. 

  • Reduces the energy usage, costs and CO2 emissions while ensuring the required level of service
  • Reduces operation & maintenance risks and costs: predict the network behavior and see what will happen before it happens
  • Improves service and planning: plan ahead and save time and money
  • Builds on existing data and IT: gives existing software systems new functionalities
  • Easy to use: no in-depth hydraulic knowledge needed


  • Dynamic temperature optimization: minimizes heat losses and maximizes heat / cooling storage capacity, all in real-time
  • Augmented reality: reaches where SCADA does not get, with virtual sensors and network-wide monitoring
  • What-if scenarios allows you to see operation & maintenance impacts in advance, making it easier to choose the best option for a smooth and riskless operation. 

Find out more about Termis optimization modules from the links below.

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