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Production and Accumulator Optimization Module

The automatic Production and Accumulator Optimization module minimizes operational cost of the district heating network by constantly choosing the best production scenario to ensure minimum production cost.

The module continuously performs a load prediction (for example based on weather forecast information downloaded from the Internet), taking into account  the heat volume supplied to the consumers in the network while also using the flexibility and dynamics provided by the accumulator tank.

It also provides for the accumulated heat loss and energy consumption in the network and the hydraulic constraints as defined in Termis.

Operational Cost Savings

  • Reduces energy costs by approximately 5-10% depending on the flexibility and variation in fuels
  • Improves your economy and reduces CO2 emission
  • Reduces maintenance work required, leading to an extension of the life span of these units

The module requires limited or no intervention. The module is in operation around the clock. Save money all the time – every single day of the year.

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