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Pump and Pressure Optimization Module

Termis Pump Module

This module is an extremely valuable Termis feature, which helps you determine, how the pumps within a district energy network should operate at any given time in order to minimize the total operating costs for the entire network.

Simply inform Termis, which pumps you want to work with in optimization mode. Define the acceptable interval for the set value (instead of indicating the value itself) of the control variables previously defined for these pumps, for instance pressure or differential pressure at a given location, speed of rotation, etc.

Termis calculates the set values for the pumps, thus minimizing the total operating costs. The optimal solution adjusts according to the constraints, which has been defined for the set values of the control variables.

Termis Pressure Optimization Module

The Pump Optimization module is available in Termis offline, Termis online and Termis real-time. Therefore, optimization can be used in connection with offline operation analysis of your district energy network, and it can also be used as a part of your real-time management system for the network.

In Termis real-time, two modes of optimization are available; Advisory mode and Automatic mode. In both modes, Termis real-time updates the current optimal set values of the control variables at a fixed user defined frequency.

In Advisory mode, the optimal set points are presented to the operator, who then decides whether or not to use these in the current situation. In Automatic mode (closed loop), the current optimal set points are automatically transferred back to the SCADA system via Data Manager.

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