Wonderware Device Integration

Connect – Collect – Control

Common Platform for all your needs:
A single common platform for all your connectivity simplifies configuration, establishes standards, accelerates implementation, minimizes maintenance, and expands your capabilities. Welcome to the world of Wonderware where connectivity is fast, easy, flexible, secure, and highly available. We also fully embrace the openness of OPC UA technology, exposing data from products as an OPC UA Client and providing the means to connect to any third party OPC UA Server. 

Hardware Independence maximizes your flexibility and options:
Rather than designing connectivity around just one vendor line of PLCs or devices like many major HMI brands, Wonderware Device Integration software is hardware independent, so you have the flexibility to connect to any device or PLC with a uniform intuitive interface efficiently and hassle free. 

Best in class:
Seamless configuration and integration to the world’s most popular HMI (Wonderware InTouch and Wonderware System Platform) ensures you make the most of your data transforming it into timely actionable insight and control.  

Drag and Drop Connectivity and Pre-Validation:
Integration with Wonderware System Platform enables drag-and-drop association of objects to field device references based on manufacturer naming conventions prior to deployment. This powerful feature drastically reduces engineering time and frustration, enables live pre-validation of connectivity, and improves connectivity accuracy. All major brand industrial controllers are supported.

Newest Advances:
Wonderware Operation Integration Servers Professional Level advanced capabilities:

  • Increase throughput
  • Increase scalability
  • Eliminate single points of failure
  • Maximize communication uptime
  • Reduce costs
  • Support multiple OI Server versions on a single node
  • Co-exist with existing DAServers or DI Objects on a single node

In addition, Wonderware also offers the DAServer Toolkit, which empowers engineers to create their own custom connectivity server for virtually unlimited possibilities.

Featured Success Story

Global Steel Industry Leader Revolutionizes Production with Wonderware

Wonderware System Platform enabled the centralization of all data coming out of the different furnaces in Nucor's melt shop, providing tight integration regardless of its source.

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