Wonderware Device Integration Servers

Easily configured and optimized device connectivity is the first step in maximizing the value of data and converting it to useful information and good control and business decisions. Wonderware software maximizes device connectivity choices with a broad set of communication options for industrial automation, including all the major Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) brands. Because Wonderware software is hardware independent, the Device Integration Servers line is the most diverse in the industry and provides a common interface for intuitive engineering configuration and implementation.

Wonderware Device Integration Servers give structure to flat files and separate application code from device communications management so both can be easily managed and updated in a distributed system. Wonderware software fully embraces the openness of OPC UA technology, exposing data from products as an OPC UA Client and providing the means to connect to any third party OPC UA Server.

Wonderware makes device integration more maintainable and deployable by using Device Integration Objects (DI Objects) within the Wonderware System Platform for seamless connectivity and easier deployment of connectivity servers. This enables the creation of one application that can automatically bind to PLC/DCS/RTU addresses at run-time, saving time and effort. This also empowers the creation of templates that can be used with any manufacturer of PLCs/DCS'/RTUs with different naming conventions for addresses, which provides for quicker configuration and deployment.

Wonderware also offers the DAServer Toolkit, which empowers engineers to create their own custom connectivity server for virtually unlimited possibilities.

Featured Success Story

Global Steel Industry Leader Revolutionizes Production with Wonderware

Wonderware System Platform enabled the centralization of all data coming out of the different furnaces in Nucor's melt shop, providing tight integration regardless of its source.

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