Wonderware InTouch Machine Edition

Embedded HMI Software for Smarter Machines

Wonderware InTouch Machine edition provides the perfect software solution for small footprint devices to meet the demanding requirements of embedded system and panel users, OEM suppliers, value added resellers, machine builders and system builders…all with the award-winning global support capabilities you have come to love and expect from Wonderware.

InTouch Machine Edition delivers outstanding value in the following areas:

  • Powerful Functionality
  • Engineering Simplicity
  • Easy integration of small footprint devices to other Wonderware products such as System Platform, Historian and InTouch Standard

InTouch Machine Edition allows you to quickly create powerful and maintainable applications on a variety of devices. It also enables you to visualize data from any place at any time and connect to any controller. This will help you increase operational efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership. In addition, Wonderware global support and product scalability enables you to differentiate and protect your investment.

Intelligent Small Data Solutions - Discover All the Value

Wonderware InTouch Machine Edition is a powerful Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution built upon industry-proven technology. This provides you with outstanding capabilities and benefits for embedded devices, intelligent machines and industrial panel computers. InTouch Machine Edition delivers remarkable software capabilities that make it easy and cost effective for you to build intelligent and intuitive machines.

InTouch Machine Edition combines superior embedded technology with industry leading Wonderware industrial software and services, and with a global support organization in over 60 countries and over 1 million installations worldwide. InTouch Machine Edition is perfectly suited for applications that require less demanding or embedded hardware platforms, such as operator HMI panels and embedded devices, and is the perfect complement for customers who already own Wonderware InTouch and Wonderware System Platform.

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Intouch Machine Edition - Spec


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