Wonderware Production Information Management Solutions

Production Information Management solutions are scalable, extensible software solutions that collect, store, retrieve and deliver plant floor and process related information to plant personnel at all levels so they can visualize and analyze their processes faster and more effectively.

Overview and Advantages 

Enjoy production management solutions that are simple to deploy, easy to manage and scalable to fit today’s industrial enterprise. A flexible, multi-tier information management architecture can aggregate large amounts of locally validated data, protect data security and be extended to invoke exception-based workflows. This enhances workforce performance and accountability. Rich visualization, reporting and analytical capabilities along with support of mobile and cloud technologies enable workers to access data whenever and wherever they are, helping them accelerate troubleshooting, improve processes and operate their facility more effectively.

  • Wonderware Historian

    Wonderware Historian

    Wonderware Historian is a high-performance process database capable of capturing the process history from today’s automated industrial facilities.

  • Wonderware eDNA

    Wonderware eDNA

    Wonderware eDNA is an enterprise-wide real-time data management software platform. It collects, stores, displays, analyzes, and reports on operational and asset health related information to transform real-time data into actionable insights.

  • Wonderware Historian Client

    Wonderware Historian Client

    Wonderware Historian Client provides rich data analysis and reporting capabilities to maximize the value of information stored in Wonderware Historian.

  • Wonderware Information Server

    Wonderware Information Server

    Wonderware Information Server aggregates and presents plant performance metrics and production data to operations, maintenance and engineering personnel via an easy-to-implement web solution.

  • Wonderware Intelligence Software

    Wonderware Intelligence Software

    Wonderware Intelligence is an Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) solution that can generate, contextualize and present operational dashboards and process analytics.

  • Wonderware Online

    Wonderware Online

    Wonderware Online provides a complete managed service for your data acquisition, storage and data analysis needs.

  • Wonderware SmartGlance

    Wonderware SmartGlance

    SmartGlance mobile reporting enables decision makers in any industry to stay informed of their facilities’ operational performance.

  • Dream Report for Wonderware

    Dream Report for Wonderware

    Dream Report for Wonderware provides the shortest path to continuous improvement. Create, present, and flexibly deliver information on KPI’s, equipment performance and production.