Wonderware eDNA Real-Time Enterprise Data Historian

Wonderware eDNA is an enterprise-wide real-time data management software platform. It collects, stores, displays, analyzes, and reports on operational and asset health related information to transform real-time data into actionable insights. The software application includes a highly scalable enterprise data historian for efficiently archiving and providing rapid retrieval of high fidelity time series data. An advanced lossless compression technology is used to minimize the required storage capacity while maintaining the original collected resolution of the data.

Wonderware eDNA supports the ability to easily integrate with hundreds of control, monitoring and other enterprise business systems. eDNA’s advanced client tools, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and web technology allow real-time company-wide access to this information for timely and informed decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Bridge the IT / OT information gap - eDNA consolidates disparate data sources and transfers data from critical operational networks to business networks, securely bridging the gap between process control and general business needs for real-time operational and asset health related information access.
  • Business Dependability - eDNA is a highly scalable and reliable data management platform with the ability to scale to millions of tags on a single historian server and built in high availability for fault tolerance.
  • Lossless data compression - Data accuracy is key to making sound business decisions; eDNA uses lossless data compression to ensure that the integrity of the information used to make important business decisions is maintained.
  • Transform data into actionable information - eDNA provides real-time access to critical data in the right format and at the right time, transforming raw data into actionable insights for timely and informed decisions. An advanced feature rich set of client and web based applications are available for data analysis and reporting purposes.
  • Secures data and access to data - Built-in security protects data and system access, ensuring the right data gets into the right hands and that complex security and compliance requirements are met.
  • Lower, more predictable cost of ownership - Get more value from your investment with competitive license and annual support fees, in addition to unlimited client and API application use.
  • Delivers continuous return on investment - The historian solution soon becomes an integral part of operations and delivers continuous value year after year as it scales to meet your growing data management needs.

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