Wonderware Historian Client

Wonderware Historian Client provides data trending and reporting capabilities that enable workers to quickly troubleshoot issues and identify cost-saving opportunities. A perfect complement to the Wonderware Historian, Historian Client is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office, allowing novices to publish historical reports to the Web or company intranet site.


Wonderware Historian Client's analysis and reporting capabilities help maximize the value of information stored in Wonderware Historian. Plant knowledge workers can quickly address problems, study potential process inefficiencies and eliminate the time-consuming process of locating the data using Historian Client. This makes the delivery and visualization of information easy to implement and deploy.

Wonderware Historian Client integrates with Microsoft Office to deliver data-trend and numerical data analysis using Microsoft Excel, comprehensive data reporting using Microsoft Word and the capability to publish real-time and historical plant information to the Web or company intranet site using Wonderware Information Server. Historian Client 2014 delivers improved reliability and robustness.

Key Features:

  • Real-time and historical data trends and reports 
  • Integration with Microsoft Office® via Excel® and Word® add-ins
  • User friendly database query tool for generating report data
  • Tight integration with Wonderware Historian including automatic switchover to redundant Historian Server
  • Publish trends and reports to Wonderware Information Server web solution
  • Library of component-based .NET and ActiveX controls for extending other applications

Featured Success Story

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Wonderware SCADA Solution Provides Ease of Use, Quick Payback and Expansion for the City of Thunder Bay’s New Water Treatment Plant.

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