Wonderware SmartGlance

Wonderware SmartGlance enables you to view your plant data on your mobile smartphone and tablet. Download the SmartGlance App from your favorite app store to view, analyze and collaborate around your facilities’ process or operational data, metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and reports - anywhere, anytime and from any device.

SmartGlance enables the navigation of data from Wonderware Historian (or any other historian) and from any SQL database using rich graphical charts and an intuitive and native app experience.

Wonderware SmartGlance is comprised of the SmartGlance Mobile Reporting Connector, SmartGlance Server and SmartGlance Mobile Apps supporting state-of-the-art mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPad, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Windows 8. Capital costs can be eliminated with a hosted solution from Schneider Electric or data kept within the organization's building with an on-premises installation.

The SmartGlance "MyAlerts" feature offers the capability to receive personalized alert notifications based on configurable thresholds for Tag Reports (MyAlerts feature). You can now get notified proactively, with additional features available:

  • Proactive PUSH notifications, based on configurable thresholds;
  • Real-time alerting;
  • Ring or vibrate notifications (From the Settings/Notification Center) 

Deploying SmartGlance could not be easier. You can get started in minutes with our readily available cloud hosted solution. Even if you temporarily lose a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to the SmartGlance Server, the SmartGlance app continues to be a trusted resource in offline mode.

By combining SmartGlance and Wonderware Online, you can transition from understanding a single plant’s performance to a comprehensive view of your business by securely extending on-premises data to the cloud and easily viewing your operations across the organization using SmartGlance on your mobile smartphone and tablet.

Download from your favorite mobile platforms:

Apple App StoreGoogle Play StoreWindows App Store

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Featured Success Story

Carson City Public Works Leverages Smart City Technology from Wonderware

Leveraging virtualization, iPads, and smart phones to increase the efficiency of its operators and management, the smart city solution at Carson City increases situational awareness and operational readiness.

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