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Alarm Management and Control Loop Performance
Schneider Electric offers global consulting and implementation services for Alarm Management and Control Loop Performance offerings.

Alarm Management and Control Loop Performance

Schneider Electric is the fastest-growing Alarm Management and Control Loop Performance provider for the Process and Power Industries. Schneider Electric leverages best-of-breed technologies from partner companies and value-added services to deliver “fit for purpose” solutions. These solutions provide a modern alternative to dated and fragmented offerings and enable true Operational Excellence.

Schneider Electric's global, highly-skilled team of Alarm Management and Control Loop Performance engineers possess the expertise needed to address plant design, automation solution validation, knowledge management, training and studies. Alarm and Loop Services utilizing the best award-winning technology in the industry, and best practices based on standards and guidelines such as ISA 18.2, API RP 1167, EEMUA 191 and others, provide an excellent vehicle to address these challenges and help companies effectively compete in the global economy.

Schneider Electric Addresses Challenges in the Process and Power Industries

  • Tight project budgets requiring rapid execution strategies 
  • Improving operations with no capital investment
  • Too many alarms causing a potentially dangerous distraction to operators
  • Poor regulatory control performance without the resources to make corrections
  • Ever-tighter regulatory compliance requirements, especially relating to environmental emissions 
  • Maximizing bottom-line performance for industrial operations safely, achieving the highest possible availability, reliability and throughput