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Industrial Software Platform
Off-sites Solution Services
Leveraging over 25 years of Off-sites project experience, Schneider Electric offers global consulting and implementation services for its Off-sites Solution.

Off-sites Solution Services

Schneider Electric has a long track record of delivering off-sites solutions. Its in-house developed Off-sites Suite software package bundles over 25 years of off-sites project experience and is supported by a dedicated group of engineers able to implement worldwide. Schneider Electric is recognized by major oil companies as an off-sites solutions provider offering a rich scope and considered a reliable partner and off-site service provider. The off-sites group delivers a wide range of services which include:

  • Studies and recommendations on off-sites automation
  • Front end engineering and design
  • Training
  • Commissioning
  • Consultancy on blending and inventory management
  • Application support services
  • Upgrade and migration services

Schneider Electric Addresses Challenges in Refining and Chemical Terminals

Refineries and Petrochemical / Chemical terminals today are facing a much more complex operational environment compared to a few years ago. Refinery margins are decreasing globally and optimal performance and flexibility are key to successful operations. As such, the off-sites area becomes more important as it has to handle more complex movements and more stringent constraints regarding separation and contamination. It also has to provide high throughput on short notice. This puts an extra load on off-sites operations and necessitates increased attention to safety. Off-sites solutions can assist with these issues while capturing a significant amount of operational knowledge, thereby helping companies cope with an aging workforce.