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Industrial Software Platform
Cyber Security Services
Schneider Electric offers expert global compliance and cyber security consulting and services through its Critical Infrastructure and Security Practice.

Cyber Security Services

Schneider Electric addresses an organization's compliance and cyber security challenges from analysis through to implementation and management. We start by providing expert consulting with a track record of global success to assess the current compliance situation. We then define an overall Cyber Security plan and remediation strategy encompassing processes, procedures, people, products, networks and applications.

The Cyber Security portfolio ensures regulatory compliance for:

  • Power Generation: NERC CIP
  • Nuclear: 10 CFR 73.54, NEI 08-09, Regulatory Guide 5.71
  • Chemical and Water: CFATS
  • Petroleum, Oil and Gas: Internal or Industry regulations

Our solution is unique because it provides Cyber Security compliance for a company's critical infrastructure and integrates seamlessly between manufacturing operations and corporate Information Technology networks.

Petroleum, Oil, and Gas (Cyber Security Best Practices)

The Petroleum, Oil and Gas industries, like many in the energy sector, are facing cyber security challenges driven by internal requirements, industry standards or government regulations. Cyber Security Solutions include:

  • A Life Cycle Methodology
  • Cyber Security Network Management
  • Security Best Practices
  • Secure Data Acquisition 

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