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Avantis Training
Learn more here about Avantis.PRO training on our core modules as well as course offerings on extensible modules and supporting software tools and functions

Avantis Training

The Avantis Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution and our extension offerings form the core of our Asset Performance Management (APM) solution set. These maintenance repair and operations solutions provide maintenance management, spares and inventory management and a complete procurement and invoicing capability.

Training Calendar and Catalog

We offer a wide range of courses designed to increase employee skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Instructor-Led Classroom Training

    Avantis Training offers regularly scheduled,  instructor-led training sessions at various locations throughout Canada and the United States. Using a combination of lectures, interactive discussions and hands-on learning labs, these courses are excellent for providing core team members, power users, key functional users and Avantis System Adminstrators with the knowledge needed to understand the rich functionality and to get the maximum value from their investment in Avantis.

  • On-Site Training

    If your company has a number of staff requiring training on Avantis, consider hosting one of our on-site training classes. Delivered by experienced personnel, standard courses can be taught or classes modified to use your organization's training database. Discussions can be adjusted, with topics covered and the course length to reflect specific training needs and the way your company is using Avantis. Either way, Avantis provides excellent training at a lower overall cost.

  • Customized Training Materials

    Looking for an excellent way to increase the effectiveness of end-user training?  Consider having  customized training materials developed to reflect your company's database and business processes and procedures.