• Information Management

    Information Management

    Empower Your Decisions with Data

    The world is generating industrial data at an unprecedented rate through connectivity made possible by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Your ability to harness data and transform it into valuable insights is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. Information Management solutions help you collect, store, retrieve, display and analyze industrial data to bridge the IT/OT information gap, unlock hidden potential and improve your operations.

    • Prevent business disruption or operational downtime by identifying key trends
    • Archive critical historical data for analysis and reference
    • Remove geographic barriers by aligning all your processes and KPIs
    • Connect multiple plant and enterprise data sources simultaneously
    • Manage avoidable downtime and optimize multi-plant operations with data analytics
    • Enterprise Data Historian

      High-fidelity industrial data management software consolidates, stores, reports and analyzes data from disparate sources to enable access to relevant information across the enterprise.

    • Plant Data Historian

      Unlock hidden opportunities in operational data with real-time data collection, analysis and reporting for decision support.

    • Cloud Data Historian

      A secure and cost effective managed solution for collecting, storing, and visualizing industrial data in the cloud, to deliver powerful analytics everywhere.

    • Industrial Mobile Application

      Enable users to view industrial data, trends and KPIs on mobile smartphones or tablets for real-time decision making on the go.

    • Enterprise Operational Intelligence

      Synthesize and map performance data, compare OEE metrics from multiple sites and track performance against the metrics that matter most.

    • Dream Report Software

      Enables users to easily produce comprehensive, insightful reports with a custom report editor that adds a crisp, professional look, helping you extract even more value from your investments.