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Industrial Software Platform

Line Performance Suite

Tight margins, global competition, brand protection.  How do you as a food or beverage processor take advantage of new technologies while maintaining critical operating and financial conditions?

Schneider Electric has the answer: a comprehensive Line Performance management solution.  A turnkey offering providing you with the means to visualize and control packaging, optimize output and better manage quality.  It’s your first step in ensuring a sustainable, high performance operation.

Based on the industry-leading Wonderware MES/Performance, the Line Performance Suite is a turnkey OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and monitoring package, ensuring you of a professionally delivered, expertly designed system with integrated reporting and analysis.

The Line Performance Suite brings Operations Managers and decision-makers timely, accurate and relevant information to ensure peak performance and meet operational Key Performance Indicators. 

The Line Performance Suite Addresses These Packaging Challenges:

  • Line set up: turnkey solution eases line set up and configuration for fast time to value
  • Line performance: remove bottlenecks, reduce downtime, increase availability, gaining process metrics for both automated and manual lines
  • Product quality: lower scrap rates, improve first pass yields for better quality the first time
  • Visibility to process metrics: Key Performance Indicators give you real-time access to critical operating parameters 

Features of the Line Performance Suite

  • Manufacturing Operations Management (MES) 
    MES Solutions provide users with an “end-to-end” operations platform for excellence. Increase operational efficiencies, quality, compliance and line performance.
  • Integrated Reporting
    Monitor operations with rich reporting and analysis to keep your Key Performance Indicators in check.
  • Workflow
    Model-driven operations management enforces business processes, enables collaboration and standardizes best practices.  Facilitate corporate-wide standardization of practices, allowing multi-site operations management.

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