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Refining Integrated Operations Management

Schneider Electric’s Refining Integrated Operations Management Solution helps achieve greater agility and responsiveness by integrating complex, disparate software applications in the supply chain and enterprise layers. This enables collaborative work processes, which are critical for rapid response to unplanned events and emerging opportunities. An important piece of Schneider Electric’s Refining Integrated Operations Management Solution is the Real-Time Performance Management Solution, which integrates financial metrics with operational metrics and provides real-time insight to operators.

Refining Operations today are dominated by many disparate technologies and work processes. In a typical refinery, there are over 20 separate applications from multiple vendors together with home-grown systems and hundreds of spreadsheets being used to execute and manage refining operations. As a result, critical data is locked up in applications and spreadsheets and is not visible to others who need it. Attempts to integrate these applications together and with supply chain and enterprise layers have had varying results, often with point-to-point integration with multiple interfaces. This method of integration is inefficient, very costly to maintain and doesn’t support new collaborative work processes that refiners need.

Schneider Electric’s Refining Integrated Operations Management Solution, comprised of a range of integrated software applications by Wonderware, SimSci, Avantis, Spiral and Schneider Electric partners, is built upon three “pillars”:

  • Business Process Analysis and Enhancement (“As Is” and “To Be”)
  • Portfolio of Proven Integrated Applications
  • Integration Reference Architecture (ISA-95 and SOA-based)

Key Benefits

  • Assesses existing processes, analyzes barriers to better performance, encapsulates company know-how and proposes optimized business processes.
  • The Schneider Electric Software portfolio covers a majority of the operations management footprint.
  • Schneider Electric developed a reference architecture based on SOA and industry standards like ISA-95.
  • Schneider Electric has both domain and process expertise in refining, plus the experience gained from deploying MES applications across industries.

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